From the bestselling author of Good Sam—now a Netflix feature film—comes another Kate Bradley story about the nature of generosity and finding unexpected connections with strangers.

TV reporter Kate Bradley arrives in Manhattan ready to take on a challenging new position as a national news correspondent. When a massive power outage plunges New York City into darkness, the disaster she expected to cover takes an unexpected turn. Someone is leaving thousands of mysterious gifts throughout the city, and the only clue to the giver’s identity is the occasional note from “A Stranger.”

Together with handsome TV series host Scott Jameson, Kate must make sense of these random generous acts, which quickly escalate in scale and capture the attention of viewers across the country. In early-morning stakeouts and late-night surveillance, they crisscross the city hunting down leads, but the elusive Stranger is always one step ahead.

Menacing letters and videos addressed to Kate threaten to derail the investigation, but she’s determined to uncover the identity of the benefactor. The closer Kate gets to the truth, the more clearly she sees that even the smallest act of generosity can bring about powerful change. And it just may take her own selfless act of kindness to solve the feel-good mystery of the year.

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Fast-paced, cleverly written, and heartwarming in its optimism, this is the ultimate feel-good novel

Readers' Favorite

Dete Meserve’s new novel is an absolute triumph! The Good Stranger is an adventure through the beautiful, the seedy, and the incomparable streets of New York. Meserve is a master storyteller, and this latest release solidifies her as one of the most needed authors of our time. Warning: May compel you to go out and do good.

Heather Burch, bestselling author of In the Light of the Garden

The Good Stranger deftly delivers everything we've come to love and expect in a Kate Bradley mystery: a well-crafted story, a heady romance, and an oh so satisfying ending. I especially loved wondering who the good stranger of the title might be: the person carrying out a series of anonymous acts of kindness? Or could it be Kate herself? A wonderful read sure to be a book club favorite!

Kes Trester, author of A Dangerous Year

There has never been a better time for a book like this. Even as we mouth virtues of kindness and generosity, the news is filled with more division and strife than ever. That's why a story that illuminates good deeds - especially on behalf of strangers - is the ideal remedy for today's headlines. In her third book of the Kate Bradley series (though easily a standalone), Meserve expands her hallmark mission of putting goodness in the world, but adds a fresh take, and an even deeper one: what happens when four mysterious people spread goodness around New York City with no apparent motive? Meserve's take on the mystery genre is both uplifting and compelling and not to be missed.

Camille Di Maio, bestselling author of The Memory of Us

Dete Meserve’s warm-hearted mystery, The Good Stranger, captures the kindness of strangers and its long-lasting ripple effect. A timely story of compassion and selflessness, Meserve restores faith in the world while reminding us that goodness does exist.

Rochelle B. Weinstein, USA Today Bestselling Author

The Good Stranger is a satisfying conclusion to the Kate Bradley trilogy. Kate is on her own in NYC, but trouble soon finds her in the form of anonymous gifts that are being left all over New York. Will Kate figure out who's sending them or will the stranger remain a mystery? A fun premise mixed with suspense and humor.

Catherine McKenzie, bestselling author of I'll Never Tell and You Can't Catch Me

A story that's hard to put down—a tale not just of mystery, but of urban life, women's friendships and relationships, and a feisty news reporter who often finds herself in over her head both emotionally and professionally. This combination is just the ticket for a compelling, well-rounded read.

D. Donovan, Senior Editor, Midwest Book Review

You forget how much you’ve missed a truly uplifting novel until you read one. Dete Meserve has written a well-crafted and genuinely heartwarming story about the good to be found in humanity if we can open ourselves up to it, and possibly even return it. I devoured it.

Carol Mason, Amazon Charts Bestselling Author

The Good Stranger is a heartwarming joyride that will remind you about all the good out there. I tore right through it. The world needs more Dete Meserves.

Boo Walker, bestselling author of The Red Mountain Chronicles

Once again, Dete Meserve hits it out of the park with a story of kindness that inspires all us to do better. Reporter Kate Bradley is on the job again as she unravels the complex mysteries that may lead to tracking down the person or people responsible for turning NYC upside down. As balloons, flowers and gift cards begin to show up all through the city, the negative reactions of people fighting over the gift cards are picked up by the news media and threaten to spoil the intended goodness. Kate is undaunted in her pursuit of the truth. Intrigue, surprising twists and more than one sweet love story make this a compelling read! It's a story the world needs now.

Patricia Sands, author of the bestselling Love in Provence series

As refreshing as it is uplifting, The Good Stranger takes us on another thrill ride in the Kate Bradley series. Dete Meserve constructs a mystery bound in good deeds, and reminds us of how we are all connected. In today’s twenty-four hour cycle of doom and gloom, this novel is a much needed respite, and we enjoyed every last word.

Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke, authors of How To Save A Life

Once again, Dete Meserve delivers a compelling story with an uplifting message. Her latest, The Good Stranger, is the story of news reporter Kate Bradley as she works to uncover the origin of a wave of seemingly random gifts left throughout the city of New York. This novel is the perfect illustration of how even the smallest acts of kindness can transform lives in powerful ways. A must read!

Karen McQuestion, bestselling author of Hello Love

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