Dete MeserveLike Kate Bradley in Good Sam and Perfectly Good Crime, I too am seeking out good in the world. It seems to me that no matter where I turn—television, radio, newspapers, etc.—stories about senseless murders, tragic accidents, massive fraud, and the dark side of the American Dream dominate the headlines. I was inspired to write Good Sam, because I wondered: Instead of yet another story about a serial killer, what if there was an anonymous person secretly doing extraordinary good?

A few weeks after Good Sam was published, I started hearing from hundreds of readers. Some shared stories of real-life Good Samaritans who were helping others, sometimes complete strangers. Others told me about their own selfless acts of kindness and generosity. I was inspired by their posts, their stories, their letters. And their questions. “What will it take to bring worldwide attention to helping those who are less fortunate?” a reader in Michigan wrote.

From these connections and questions came a desire—an obsession, really—to write another mystery about the search for good, with Kate Bradley and Eric Hayes again at the center.  The result is Perfectly Good Crime (coming June 28, 2016), a novel which asks the question “Can you bring about powerful and uplifting change through a perfectly good crime?

I’m excited to share this new story with you and hope you’ll keep turning the pages for the mystery and the love story. And I also hope you’ll think about the many ways—both big and small—that each of us can bring light and hope into the world.




Dete Meserve is an award-winning author who is searching for Good. Like Kate Bradley in the novels Good Sam and Perfectly Good Crime, Meserve searches for people who are doing extraordinary good for others. While most mysteries focus on finding the killer or kidnapper, Meserve’s novels focus our attention on finding the helpers, the rescuers, and the people who bring light and hope into the world with their selfless acts of kindness. When she’s not writing, she is a film and television producer in Los Angeles and partner of Wind Dancer Films. Meserve lives in Los Angeles with her husband and three children—and a very good cat that rules them all.