#10 – It’s good for the environment. No gift wrapping, no cardboard boxes and no gasoline for the delivery truck.

# 9 – It’s good for your wallet. No shipping charges, e-books are relatively inexpensive (Good Sam is only $2.99!), & there’s no sales tax.

# 8 – Versatile. Recipients don’t need a Kindle to read the e-book. They can download FREE apps to read the e-book on whatever device (tablet, phone, laptop, desktop computer, etc.) they prefer.

# 7 – Schedule the gift to arrive when you want. With a click of the mouse, you can select any date for delivery of the e-book.

# 6 – You don’t need to look up their physical address! All you need is an email address. Really, that’s all.

# 5 – You can personalize the gift with a message to the recipient. Free.

# 4 – It’s a time saver. The whole process of sending someone a Kindle e-book can be done in under 3 minutes — even if you haven’t done it before!  Just look for the ‘Give As A Gift’ button on the ‘Good Sam’ Amazon page.

# 3 – Perfect for busy people. You can arrange the gift 24 hours a day/7 days a week. No need to fight crowds or find a parking space. Just sit in front of your computer.

# 2 – You will bring a smile to the faces of family and friends. Many of us have overflowing email inboxes asking us to do something or respond. This is an email your friends and family will enjoy opening!

# 1 – Perfect for last minute gifts. Forgot to give Aunt Sue a present? Completely forgot about your cousin Jane? In under three minutes, she’ll have a book that you enjoyed in her e-mail in box. And to make it even easier? Just click on this link to give Good Sam, a heartwarming and uplifting story that’s perfect for the holidays for just $2.99: Good Sam on Amazon

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